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 One cannot deny the fact that Beauty and Wellness Industry is one of the most growing and advancing industry in the world today. Be it pedestrian, mall, city or any interior demography, beauty parlours, rejuvenation centres, salons or spas are everywhere.

The best part of beauty industry is that it offers so many choices to select as a career. Be it makeup artist, hair stylist, mehndi artist, spa therapist, skin therapist, nail artist, and beauty expert, one can get a hold on complete beauty and wellness sphere. If you are passionate about makeup, styling, hair or any field of beauty industry, then you should opt for it as your career choice. Select a beauty college in your area which is affiliated and certified by Government, seek for the course you want to do and start the journey of high profiled and high-earning career of this generation.

The beauty and wellness industry in India has seen a huge career development in recent times. While in the year 2013, the career opportunity in beauty and salon sector saw a rise of around 34 lakhs, it is estimated that till 2022 it will be around 121 lakhs. Hence, it is evident, that the growing glamour is high-paced career demand in today’s youth. Other reasons behind making a career in beauty and wellness industry are:


·         You get a creative stratum of glamour industry.


·         Multiple career options like, hair stylist, makeup artist, wellness instructor, nail art specialist, skin and body therapist and many more


·         You make a flexible career choice unlike other professions


·         You grow as an individual, entrepreneur, freelancer, consultant or as a working professional


·         The industry gives you an option to interact with a variety of people. Becoming a beauty artist will help to get connected with different professionals. It will also help you to grow your professional career.


So, if you are seeking a bright dignified career growth in Beauty and Wellness Industry, KSCB provides you a wide range of cosmetology and beauty career options for a bright glamour career. So, get in touch with our counsellors and career experts today and get a free counselling to start your beauty and wellness run way with us. Let your flight of passion fly high with us!